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I am a My Hope Chest Butterfly

I am a My Hope Chest butterfly

When I first heard the words “breast cancer,” I went numb. People were talking to me and I was in such a fog, they all sounded like Charlie Brown’s parents. I had no insurance and I didn’t know where to turn. I thought that a life without breasts… for me, would have to go on feeling somehow “less than.”  So, I scoured the internet for help. I looked high and low until I came across the beautiful website MyHopeChest.org.

I was approved for reconstruction and it changed my life!

It gave me all my self-esteem back. I feel whole again and with that, I feel strong. That strength makes me brave and enables me to tackle anything that life throws at me.

Now, I have just joined a water aerobics class… where I have to wear a bathing suit each time I participate! WOW! I’m proud of myself for being that warrior that I am. I feel great and look amazing, thanks to the generosity and compassion of My Hope Chest.

January Langelle

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